Top 7 things to do every morning to have a Black Girl magical day


  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    Have you ever woken up in the morning and your mouth felt like the Sahara desert? If you have that feeling in your mouth, imagine what the rest of your body is feeling like on the inside. You’ve just been sleep for, hopefully, 8 hours. Your body is desperately crying for hydration and energy. Even if your brain is screaming “Coffee now”. IGNORE YOUR BRAIN, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and resist the urge until you have at least one 8 oz. glass of water. Now, there are some experts that recommend room temperature water.  I personally prefer room temperature so I don’t shock my body with icy cold water first thing in the morning.

    Recommendation: Before you go to sleep, but a bottle of water next to bed for easy access in the morning.


  1. EAT

    Breakfast:  Break-fast!Again, you have hopefully, been sleeping for the past 8 hours.  It is time to break our fast. They don’t call breakfast the most important meal of the day for nothing! Feed your body the energy it needs for a productive day. No doubt this isn’t a new idea you haven’t heard before.

    Recommendation: When I’m in a rush, I steam spinach or kale and pair it with a smoothie or yogurt and a piece of toast.


  1. SAY and REPEAT your Black Girl Affirmations

    We are the Host, Speaker or Entertainer and audience of our own minds. Introduce yourself to with the power of Steve Harvey on “Showtime at the Apollo”. Walk yourself to the stage like you taught KeKe Shepard how to model. Deliver the best performance of encouragement and affirmations to the audience –YOU like Michael Jackson. Lastly, get up out of your seats and applaud your Black Girl magic like the crowd at a Beyoncé concert!

    Affirmations are powerful! This step cannot be missed in our morning routines. Program your brain to believe in you! Your mind only knows what you feed it.

    Recommendation: Start your affirmations with “I am…..”


  1. Set your intentions for the day

    Get clear on your goals and what you want to accomplish for the day. Go one step further and envision yourself accomplishing your goals. Like literally see yourself! Don’t only think it- See it happening! Acknowledge the obstacles that may arise and visualize how you will control your response to these obstacles and how you will overcome those obstacles.

    This step can be done at any point in your day and you may have to do it often throughout the day.

    Recommendation:  Think of the most important conversation you need to have for the day and say it out loud, practice you pitch, tone and message delivery.

  1. Show Gratitude

    Gratitude is an emotion that shows appreciation for all that you have. Why not start your day off appreciating the moment and being present. Acknowledge the goodness in your life. Gratitude is like forcing optimism into your brain first thing in the morning. Take one minute to think about the things in your life that you have to be grateful for. You won’t be able to cover everything in one minute, but it is a start.

    Recommendation: Start by being grateful that you woke up to deliver all your Black Girl magic to the world.


  1. Listen to happy music

    Happy music means something different to everyone. For me, it’s a little “Bring it back” by Travis Porter (I know! I know!) Or “Iskaba” by Wande Coal. If I have a big meeting and really need to get myself going it could be “Nice for What” by Drake. Whatever mood you are in or whatever music that makes you happy-listen to it! Get your body and endorphins moving first thing in the morning with the music that brings that smile to your face. Dancing at home isn’t just for a night out with the girls. Start your day with a little booty shakin!

    Recommendation: Create a little morning happiness playlist.



  1. Put on your crown

    Lastly, before you walk out the door, put on your crown and wear it with pride Black Girl. Your crown can be an actual physical crown if you please. Your crown can be your attire. When you walk out that door to conquer the world that will try to knock your crown off. You have to know with fierce confidence that you come from greatness! Oprah Winfrey has often quoted Maya Angelou in saying “Our crown has been bought and paid for. You have a responsibility to honor that.”
    Let your crown be your clothing. Dress for the respect you look to gain.






I AM GRATEFUL to be Blessed!
I am grateful for my blessings that have been provided to me…big and small.
I am grateful for the blessings I have received and may not have deserved.
I am blessed to having a loving family.
I am blessed to have loving friends.
I am working to magnify my blessings through hard work and gratitude.
I will not let my blessings go unaccounted for.
I am blessed to be able to wake up this morning
I am blessed to have the ability to change and improve
I am blessed to be living my journey and my story
I am so blessed I am sharing my story and blessings with another

I AM GRATEFUL to be blessed(4)

Happy Soulful Sunday!

Happy Soulful Sunday!
I am listening to my soul!
I am preparing my mind and thoughts to carry out my intentions.
My soul is my compass to success.
I am living out my soul’s desires and intentions
I am listening to the soul of my ancestors that guide me
I am a soulful black girl
My soul knows my intentions
My soul is overflowing with positive energy, vibes and thoughts.
I am living my soul’s purpose.Soulful sunday